Alhamdulillah the Sunnah continues to be preserved

Allah has showered His mercy over us by preserving for us the books of Hadith that the Ummah has accepted and transmitted for over a thousand years, such as Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, the Sunan, Muwatta Malik, and Musnad Ahmad. The preservation of Hadith is a job done by an Ummah of scholarship, not by one or two scholars of Hadith.

This is why you will not find a single Hadith (literally not one) in Sahih al-Bukhari, for example, except that you will also find it in other books of Hadith with sound chains of narrations.

Alhamdulillah the Sunnah continues to be preserved, and the few who have misunderstood or are not guided are also always going to be there, so that the people of Sunnah continue to be rewarded and raised in the sight of Allah for contributing towards spreading and preserving the Prophetic teachings, and removing doubts from it.

May Allah raise us with the imams of Hadith. Anyone who learns what they have gone through to ensure that the Prophetic guidance is kept pure will have great love and respect for them.


We are in more need of following this advice

The Companions are our Example

“And keep yourself steadfast [by being] with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and the evening, seeking His countenance. And let not your eyes pass beyond them, desiring adornments of the worldly life, and do not obey one whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance and who follows his desire and whose affair is ever [in] neglect.” (Qur’an, 18:28)

This is a command to the Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam) to remain steadfast with those righteous servants of God (i.e. the companions). We are in more need of following this advice, especially in times of deception and chaos. The companions are the role models in understanding the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and practising the religion. Their Sunnah is the Sunnah, and everyone after them is secondary to them.

Therefore, whenever seeking to understand a verse or a Hadith correctly, see how the companions looked at it, and surely therein is the guidance. May Allah be pleased with them. One thing that made Imam Ahmad stand out is his exceptional knowledge of the fiqh and tafsir of the companions. No wonder he became a leader for those who came after him.

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I am far from Allah. But I want to change. How can I get to closer?

Try as much as you can to do these things

Start off each day with ‘adhkaar al-istiyqaadh’ (waking up Supplications), thanking Allah for waking up in good shape.

Put Allah first in your life.

Broaden your horizons – learn 5 new verses from the Quran every day, travel to pray far in the mosque to brighten your day,take up a booklet having supplications and read them.

Pray Salaat Al-dhuhaa (after sunrise).

If someone says something mean  ;to you, just shrug it off and dismiss it in a friendly, laidback manner, and pray that Allah shall forgive them.

When you get angry, remember Allah, and how short and worthless life is to waste in being Angry.

Remember that you can never have too many friends, but you can have few quality friends that help you fulfill the purpose of your creation (i.e. live for Allah).

When you’re happy, try to share your happiness with others. Thank Allah for that, and pray its continuation.

When something bad or embarrassing happens to you, just think that it could always be worse, remember the reward of patience,and thank Allah that it’s not worse than it is.

Do something extra of goodness once in a while, like feeding a poor person, or caressing an orphan’s head.

Never stop believing that you can win Allah’s love and thus work For it. Then you can win the love of Allah’s slaves.

Spend some time thinking of Allah’s amazing creation.

Always love those who love Allah unconditionally. This way you will ensure that you live for Him, love for Him, and hate for Him(those who are enemies of Him).

Find the righteous ways to express yourself, and if you think that what you are about to say shall cause no benefit, maintain silence (this is tough!!).

Every now and then, give yourself a break. Play sports, give time to your family, friends, but always remember Allah and watch that He is watching you.

Pray for blessing to come to those being lost, and pray to Allah to guide them to the right path.

Hug your parents, kiss their hands and heads and always obey but stop at Allah’s orders.

Smile to everyone, for your smile makes a big difference to him or her and you are rewarded.

Forgive, forget and smile.

Tears are not for women only… tears are for all human beings with feelings remaining in them. Don’t restrain your tears when remembering Allah.

When people criticize your actions and effort, revise your actions and see if they please Allah or no. If they do; then ignore and remember how the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam) and the Sahaba were criticized, made fun of and even physically harmed, so have patience.

Read the Quran daily and try to have a schedule for completing it as much as you could. As you open the Quran daily, read with observing not just passing your eyes through the words.

Don’t let popularity go to your head, for it never lasts and you may lose from it more than gain.

Never look down on anybody, for, to Allah, they may be better than you

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Rare footage shows how women dressed in England just over 100 years


On Mobile Phones and Du’aa…

“’Ibn Mas’ood, may Allah be pleased with him, saw a man supplicating to Allaah while holding a stone, so he said, ‘When you beseech your Lord for some good then don’t ask Him while you have a stone in your hand.”
Az-Zuhd of Ibn Mubaarak, 84.

Shaikh Abdur-Razzaaq al-Badr said,
‘Such things in their hands would weaken their devotion when supplicating.

What have mobile phones done to the hearts then and how much have they turned away and hindered people from the Knower of the Unseen?’”


Make effort

“I understand now,” he said as he sat on his prayer mat. He understood and was in awe. Nothing had gone his way but a warm feeling spread in his chest. His efforts had seemingly mounted to nothing and the people pitied him but for once this didn’t knock him. He knew the Hand that moved this universe was the Hand that turned his life.

“Failure” they said. But in a world where every day was another chance to make an effort, ‘failing’ seemed almost natural. In a world where we’ve been given the Divine instruction to ‘Work!’, ‘Make effort!’ and ‘Try again!’, failing didn’t seem so scary but merely just part of the journey.

“Fear not the people, but fear Me.” [al-Ma’idah: 44]

“I understand,” he said again, as he realized the absence of fear in his heart was what allowed the warm feeling to spread. Slowly he got up from his prayer mat, folded it away, and walked back out into the world. Fearless and with an acknowledging heart, he was now unstoppable.


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Does this mean that Allah loves us?


  1. If He gives us wealth?
  2. If He grants us health?
  3. If He gives us power?
  4. If He gives us children?
  5. …………?

Does this mean that Allah loves us? NO

A scholar once said:”I was wondering if Allah loves me
So I checked the Qur’an to see what are the characteristics of the people that Allah has mentioned whom He Loves

I discovered that Allah loves the “Al- Muttaqeen” (the Pious) so I said ” I wouldn’t dare consider myself one of them.”

Again I continued searching….

Then I found that Allah loves As- Sabireen (the patient).
So I remembered: “How impatient I am.”
So I continued searching….

Then I found that Allah loves Al- Mujahideen (those who strive in His path),
so I remembered how lazy and powerless I am.

I continued searching….

Then I found Allah loves Al- Muhsineen (those who do good deeds).
So I remembered how far I am from that.

Then I said: “So I stopped searching to avoid more disappointment. I reflected on my good deeds, and I found most of them are mixed with laziness, coldness, flaws and sins.

Then it came to my mind that Allah also loves the At-Tawwabeen (those who repent). I just figured out it is the one for me and for others like me.

So I said “I started saying …” “Astaghfirullah waa Atooubu Ilaih” in abundance and started mending my ways so I could be one of the ones whom Allah loves.”

May we be able to at least seek forgiveness often enough to be counted among those whom Allah Loves, Aameen!!