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Have you ever reflected on the blessing of your eyesight?

Just think about your vision for a second.

The blind person doesn’t have the blessing of reading the Quran,
or laying eyes on the face of a pious person,
or even seeing their own mother.

However, those of us who do have the blessing of eye-sight,
we use it to disobey Allah and look at that which is impermissible for our eyes.
When will we learn? (a reminder to myself first and foremost, in’sha’Allah)

Being Alone with Allaah.

Being Alone with Allaah is always better
than being crowded by people who have Forgotten Allaah ♥.

Always come back.

“The heart is not cleansed with ordinary water,
but with tears of shame and repentance.”.. ♥

Always come back. Back to Allah, do repent as much as we can. ‘Astaghfirullaaha wa ‘atoobu ‘ilayhi…

Life is short and we are not here to stay.

You are departing, I am departing
and all those we know are departing as well.

Therefore, there is nothing better for you
to do now more than to forgive.

Remember that Allah forgives those who forgive others. ♥

[ Sheikh Assim Alhakeem ]


“Avoiding the temptation to sin and being patient upon that, is greater than being patient whilst being afflicted with trials.”

[Ibn Taymiyyah]


Never give up hope on the mercy of Allah.

Salaam Brother Osama. Is every action categorized as a sin or good deed?


Wa alykum as-salaam,

The Shariah does not deal in simple “Haram” and “Halal,” rather human actions are classified in the following categories:

Fard or Wajib, which means Obligatory

Haram, which means Prohibited

Manduh or Mustahab, which means Recommended

Makruh, which means Detested

Mubah, which means Indifferent

Jaiz, which means Permissible

These are what define the process of classifying human action in the Shariah. These are referred to as the Ahkam.