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‏الحَمـدُ للـہ الـذي لا ينسَـى من ذَكـره ..
الحَمـدُ للـہ الذي لا يَخيـب من دَعـاه ..
الحَمـدُ للـہ دائمـاً و أبـداً


اللهم دبر لنا فإنا لا نحسن التدبير واختر لنا فإنا لا نحسن الإختيار.
O Allah please arrange for us our affairs in a good way, for we’re not good at doing this, & choose for us, for we’re not good at choosing.


Don’t look down on anyone… perhaps they could be closer to #Allah than you are…


Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.

[Al-Qur`aan (Surat (94) Ash-Sharh (Verse #6)]


You can’t ask Allah for a second chance on the Day of judgment, just like you can’t ask a teacher to re-take the exam once you know the correct answers. What would be the point of the test? And Allah Is High above any analogy.