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Islamic values

I think it’s really important to get children excited about practising the deen & making them look forward to things that are a part of our Islamic culture otherwise we’ll let the Western world raise our children with their morals & ethics and by the time they’re mature enough they’ll find it difficult to adapt to the Islamic values. الله المستعان

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What a blessing, subhanAllah


Have you ever thought about how amazing the concept of reading is? I mean I’m just so grateful and amazed by the simple fact that I can READ.

Alhamdulilah! How I can transfer the voice in my mind into a sequence of shapes, lines, and curves to form letters, to form words, to form sentences.

And now suddenly, my voice is speaking in your mind. And I’m no where near you. Isn’t that concept within itself amazing??

It’s like a degree of teleportation. Even though I can’t physically teleport anywhere, we have actually figured out how to teleport thoughts, which is even better because it defies both time and space.

You can get a sense of one’s soul and “meet” them despite location or era.

These exact thoughts right now, I can reread them in months, or even decades from now, so I could speak to myself in the future! I can revisit myself from the past!

Being able to read is like both teleportation and time traveling.

What a blessing, subhanAllah.



Make du’aa for the Muslims that are oppressed around the world. It is our sins that have caused these calamities. 😞


While making dua for people in Halab, I prayed “Oh Allah destroy Bashar, his army, hizbillat, everyone who’s supported them and everyone who let down this ummah”.
Suddenly I realized that I am one of those who let down the Ummah.
I realized that part of what the Ummah is going through today is caused by my very own sins.
Wallahi I didn’t know what to say or what to ask Allah for. I just stopped for a moment.
It just hit me that the only way to save the ummah is by saving myself first. The only way for the ummah to conquer its enemies starts by me conquering my own nafs.


You know that story about Musa عليه السلام and his people being punished with a drought because of one man’s sins? But as soon as he repented, Allah forgave him and blessed them with rain.

Let that be a lesson for us. That it’s because of our sins that our muslim brothers and sisters are suffering. We are to blame for what is happening to them.

We expect victory when we’ve abondoned the Qur’an and sunnah. We expect victory when we’ve chosen this world and Allah has said the next world is better for us if we only knew.

Know that Allah will not change our condition until we change what is in ourselves. Wallahi, if you care an ounce for your muslim brothers and sisters then let what is happening to them be the reason you wake from heedlessness. Let what is happening to them on account of your sins be the reason you leave the path of disobeying Allah.

Let this be the reason that you change for the better. Turn back to Him and repent. Flee to Allah.


Continue praying in shaa Allāh.
Don’t forget to wake up for tahajjud and pray. Wallahi we never know who’s du’ās Allāh answers.

These events will not stop occurring;rather they will become more frequent if the Muslim do not return to their religion – if the Muslim do not return to practicing their religion correctly or else the occurrence of these events will increase and Allāhﷻ will place the enemies of Islam in authority over Muslims.

Shaykh Saalih al Fawzaan. (via v72)