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She wears hijab and a niqab proudly and answered all of our questions. Her name is Oula. #WhoWeAre

Dear struggling soul

Dear struggling soul, this is my prayer for you:

May every trial you face in this confusing world be a means for you to draw closer to your Creator in this world and in the Hereafter. If your heart is hurting or breaking, may He heal it and grant you tranquility and peace. If you are battling loneliness and are longing for companionship, may He grant you a soul companion who will be a comfort and a mercy to you in this world and your companion in Paradise.

If you have suffered loss and have no idea how you’ll go on, may He grant you better than you lost and reunite you with the believers amongst His beloved in this world and in the Hereafter.

If you are battling spiritual confusion, emptiness, or frustration, may He gift you with the light of emaan, make the coolness of your eye the Salaah, and make the spring of your heart the Qur’an until you meet Him.

And for those heartfelt prayers that you’ve whispered to Him on the edge of desperation, tears in your eyes, begging of His bounty and mercy, may He grant you what your heart desires—and may He grant you better than the best you could hope for or imagine.

And may your last days be the best of your life, your last deeds your best deeds, and your best day the Day you meet Ar-Rahmaan.

And dear struggling soul, may the Most Merciful write you down amongst those whom He loves, announcing your name above the heavens and commanding the angels to love you as He loves you, until love of you is placed in the hearts of His believers on earth.

—from the journal of Umm Zakiyyah

Beautiful manners as much as his soul acquires of those features

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Know that beauty is two types: external and internal.
Internal beauty is loved for itself; it is the beauty of knowledge, reason, generosity, chastity and courage.
That inside beauty is what God looks at and loves in His servant.
Moreover, inside beauty beautifies the external image even if it is not appealing, when the person is covered with :
– reverence,
– sweetness and
– beautiful manners as much as his soul acquires of those features.
A believer is granted reverence and beauty according to his faith, so he is revered by those who meet him and loved by those who deal with him.
This is commonly observed as you can see the righteous, charitable and well-mannered man projecting the nicest impression even if he is plain in looks, especially when he has been blessed with keeping night prayers as they illuminate the face and beautify it.
Ibnul-Qayyem al-Jawzy
via sister Sumayyah Oum Mohammed

OSU Orphan Village 8 Project


OSU Orphan Village 8 Project

With our registered charity, IHCRO (Turkey), and partnering with MuslimsInNeed (UK) & Merciful Group (Australia), we’re launching our 8th village for hundreds of more orphans and widows. This project will take OSU’s tally to 250 homes built in past 3 years MashaAllah!!

This project will include:

🔹 Building 50 Quality Homes
🔹 All To Be Furnished
🔹 Lovely Playground
🔹 Masjid & Quran school
🔹 Deep water Well
🔹 Electric Generator & Solar Panels
🔹 Recreation Hall

OV 8 is situated just meters away from our orphan village 6, whereby the children will be able to attend OSU’s school in that village.

As we approach the most blessed 10 nights of Ramadan, we ask everyone to get involved by donating, fundraising and sharing. As we live in comfort, let us share what Allah gave us with others. We aim to live in a world where not one child or family is ever in need InshaAllah ❤️


A smile and a kind word to your sister might be a ray of light in the darkness of her day


“As we prayed isha and taraweeh, the sister next to me quietly cried.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many sisters in that room were in pain, and facing some trial, silently, and bravely, as we came together to worship Allah in prayer. And you’d never know.

How many were calling out to Allah for His Mercy, knowing that He is the only One who can relieve their distress, forgive them, set right their affairs, and only in His remembrance would their hearts find rest?

Trials are the nature of this dunya and everyone is facing something,

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, Who, when disaster strikes them, say, “Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.” Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided”. [Surah Al Baqarah – 155 – 157]

I wanted to take a moment to write to all of the sisters who are struggling this Ramadan, who are facing trials, who feel like their hearts have been shattered into a thousand pieces.

To the sister who cried quietly in taraweeh and all this struggling this Ramadan;

The sister who is exhausted,

The sister who is heartbroken,

The sister who feels overwhelmed with it all,

The sister who feels numb, because so much has happened,

The sister who feels disconnected, from people and from her Lord,

The sister who is spending Ramadan by herself,

The sister who is lonely because she’s alone,

The sister who is lonely in her marriage,

The sister who cries every night to her Lord knowing He is the only One who can help her,

The sister who is unable to fast this Ramadan because of health reasons. She feels left out, disconnected from the ummah and all she wants to do is fast for the sake of Allah but she knows she can’t,

The sister who is no longer able to make sujood because her body is failing her as her disease progresses, her muscles have stopped working. Alhamdullilah, she can still walk – with help, but she doesn’t know for how much longer,

The sister who is struggling with invisible illness – in pain and battling to get through each day, putting on a brave face, trying to stay positive and not let the comments ‘But you look fine’ get to her,

The sister who has been told by the doctors that she only has a few years left. They don’t know exactly how long,

The sister who has been trying for a baby for years and endures regular hurtful and probing comments from others. She knows children are from Allah, but still, she feels the pinch of their words,

The sister who has had IVF so many times, but still remains childless,

The sister who miscarried and felt like a piece of her heart broke when she lost her baby,

The sister who is trying her best to fulfil her obligations and take care of her kids but is so so tired,

The sister who has lost someone she loves and she misses them everyday,

The sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer. They don’t yet know if it’s spread,

The sister who is battling cancer and the treatment is grueling,

The sister whose eyesight is fading,

The sister whose child is sick,

The sister whose child has been hurt,

The sister who is struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues,

The sister who is struggling with oppression,

The sister whose world has been devastated and her life scattered by shocking news,

The sister whose marriage and home is emotionally turbulent,

The sister who is widowed and struggling to get through each day, trying to support herself and her children, one step at a time,

The sister who is divorced and heartbroken and trying to get back on her feet,

The sister struggling to find work, who needs to pay the bills,

The sister facing eviction and homelessness,

The sister who doesn’t know how she’s going to feed her children tonight,

The sister from Syria, whose city and country have been destroyed, who doesn’t know anyone that hasn’t lost someone they love. All she wants to do is go home, but she can’t,

The sister who is living in a refugee camp, relying on charity to feed and clothe her and her children. She’s alone this Ramadan. Her husband didn’t make it on the boat crossing,

The sister who is walking, carrying her children and the few belongings they managed to save. Walking, hoping that wherever they are walking to will be safer than where they have come from,

To every one of you, and all the other sisters who are facing innumerable challenges, my love and du’a go out to you this Ramadan. Know, dear sister, your solace and comfort lies with Allah, Ar-Rahman, the source of our relief and the reliever of our distress. He is Able to Do All Things.

Turn to Him and cry. Pour your heart out to Him. He is the One who can bring you ease, who can set right your affairs, who can relieve the burden that is weighing on your heart and know, for your patience, your reward awaits you in Jannah, in shaa Allah, a place where there is no sorrow or hardship; only eternal bliss and closeness to your Lord.

This life is temporary and surely we know we will be tested but this life will also be over in the blink of an eye, and the reward in the Hereafter is beyond our imaginings, so hold on to Allah in your darkest hours, when you feel like there is no one else in the world.

Hold on to Him and know, with absolute certainty that He will never leave you, never let you down and that your reward lies with Him. He is the Most Merciful, and He is ever near.


As I wrote this, it was a reminder to myself, first and foremost, that we never know what others may be facing in silence. The sister next to you in salat could be facing the greatest trial of her life.

As we pray tonight and every night in Ramadan, let’s remember the sisters who are struggling in our du’a.

And as we move through this blessed month and beyond, let’s make the effort to be compassionate, to help where we can, to ease the burden of others if we are able, to be patient and to be kind to everyone.

A smile and a kind word to your sister might be a ray of light in the darkness of her day.

Your silent du’a for her might be answered”..