Regarding *Sadaqah*;

If the person giving *Sadaqah* knows that the money he is donating will reach Allah first and then the poor person, he will truly gain much more joy in giving rather than taking.

Do you know the benefits of *Sadaqah*?

So listen
1. *Sadaqah* is one of the doors from Jannah

2. *Sadaqah* is the most virtuous action in all good actions, and the best form of Sadaqah is to feed others

3. *Sadaqah* will be a shade on the day of judgement and it will save a person from the fire

4. *Sadaqah* makes the anger of Allah cool and it also cools the heat in the grave

5. The best and most beneficial gift for a deceased person is *Sadaqah* and Allah continues to increase the reward of *Sadaqah*

6. *Sadaqah* is a way to purify the soul and increases good deeds

7. *Sadaqah* will be a cause of happiness on the day of judgement on the face of the giver

8. *Sadaqah* is a source of peace from the dangers of the day of judgement and it doesn’t let you grieve the past

9. *Sadaqah* is a means of sins being forgiven and also expiates past sins

10. *Sadaqah* is glad tidings of a good death and is also a cause for the duas of the angels

11. The person who gives *Sadaqah* is from the best of people and all those associated with it will also receive the reward

12. The person who gives *Sadaqah* is promised great rewards

13. The person who spends in *Sadaqah* is counted in those who have piety and people also begin to love him

14. Giving *Sadaqah* is a sign of kindness and grace

15. *Sadaqah* is a means of Duas being accepted and hardships being removed

16. *Sadaqah* removes difficulties and closed 70 doors of harm in the world

17. *Sadaqah* is a means of age and wealth being increased and is also a means of success and provision

18. *Sadaqah* is a cure and a medicine

19. *Sadaqah* prevents theft, a bad death, burns from fire and drowning

20. *Sadaqah* is rewarded, even if it is on animals and birds.

*The last thing* The best form of Sadaqah at this moment is to forward this message with the intention of it being Sadaqah..

And Allah know best..



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