Success for the woman comes from having Taqwa and good manners

Maryam is the only woman to be mentioned in the glorious Quran by name. She suffices as a female role model for sisters. Let us look at the two main beautiful characteristics of Maryam:

1. A devout worshipper.

2. Chaste and pure

A woman’s worth is by how much she pleases her Creator and how she preserves herself, protects her honour, and safeguards her chastity.

Maryam’s mother wanted her to be a boy so he could serve Bait AlMaqdas. That was a lofty role designated for men only and a girl couldn’t do that role. However, the mother of Maryam was blessed with the best woman to have ever walked the earth.

Sometimes in life, we want the necessary means to be able to reach the best ends. The Creator SWT can bless us with the best results even if the means aren’t present.

Maryam had Isa AS without ever being touched. When the Creator SWT decrees something He says to it Be and it is. Means are only means so don’t rely on them fully or give up when you don’t have them. The Creator SWT can bless you with miracles.

Sisters must take Maryam as their role model and dedicate their time to worshipping their Creator SWT and protecting their private parts and honour. That way all good will come to them. Good isn’t attained by relying fully on men or intermingling with them or competing with them (by entering their fields and doing exactly what they do).

Success for the woman comes from having Taqwa and good manners which entails lowering her gaze from men, avoiding free mixing, and staying at home as the default (only going out in cases of necessity or for a good reason).

The reward for prayer in the home for the woman is greater than the Masjid so why would a woman, want to offer her prayers frequently in the Masjid? The woman is rewarded immensely for looking after the home and children and that is in alignment with her constitution, so why would she want to spend her life outdoors? The woman is rewarded for making her husband happy when he looks at her, for obeying him (not a narcissistic relationship), and for preserving his honour and wealth, so why should she resort to a lifestyle where she can’t do these things, if she wants reward?

Read the story of Maryam and derive the uncountable gems and wisdom from it…



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