They are the ones who are upright

Shaykh Nasirudeen Al Albani May Allah have Mercy on him said;

“If you speak about Tawheed, the people of Shirk renounce you.

And if you speak about the Sunnah, the people of innovation renounce you.

And if you speak about proof and evidence, the math-hab blind followers, Sufis and the ignorant renounce you.

And if you speak about Islam and its connection with our daily lives, the secularists and whoever wants to seperate religion from the lives of people renounce you.

It is a severe strangeness towards Ahlu Sunnah. They fight us with all means, they fight us with the media which is heard, the media which is seen and the media which is written. It has reached the extent that even the families and friends are fighting this strange person who is holding onto the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger ?

And regardless of all of that, we are happy with this strangeness, and are proud to be strange, because the Prophet of Allah ? and his household) praised these strangers, he said:

“Islam began as something strange and will return to be strange just as it began, so glad tidings to the strangers” They asked him “and who are they O Messenger of Allah ?”? He replied: “they are the ones who are upright when the people are corrupted”

[Al Silsilah Al Sahihah | 1273]


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