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Does this mean that Allah loves us?


  1. If He gives us wealth?
  2. If He grants us health?
  3. If He gives us power?
  4. If He gives us children?
  5. …………?

Does this mean that Allah loves us? NO

A scholar once said:”I was wondering if Allah loves me
So I checked the Qur’an to see what are the characteristics of the people that Allah has mentioned whom He Loves

I discovered that Allah loves the “Al- Muttaqeen” (the Pious) so I said ” I wouldn’t dare consider myself one of them.”

Again I continued searching….

Then I found that Allah loves As- Sabireen (the patient).
So I remembered: “How impatient I am.”
So I continued searching….

Then I found that Allah loves Al- Mujahideen (those who strive in His path),
so I remembered how lazy and powerless I am.

I continued searching….

Then I found Allah loves Al- Muhsineen (those who do good deeds).
So I remembered how far I am from that.

Then I said: “So I stopped searching to avoid more disappointment. I reflected on my good deeds, and I found most of them are mixed with laziness, coldness, flaws and sins.

Then it came to my mind that Allah also loves the At-Tawwabeen (those who repent). I just figured out it is the one for me and for others like me.

So I said “I started saying …” “Astaghfirullah waa Atooubu Ilaih” in abundance and started mending my ways so I could be one of the ones whom Allah loves.”

May we be able to at least seek forgiveness often enough to be counted among those whom Allah Loves, Aameen!!

The first NEW MUSLIM WORLD CONFERENCE launches Dec 23rd, 2018 in UK

The first NEW MUSLIM WORLD CONFERENCE launches Dec 23rd, 2018 in UK. Organised by UK Islamic Mission and Halis Media, the event will feature powerful speeches, inspiring nasheeds, the world acclaimed documentary film FREEDOM, an award ceremony and much more. For more info, visit

A better direction

Most people expect life is going to be like a bus trip.You simply choose your destination. You hop on the bus. You arrive at your destination. It’s fair. It’s straightforward and it’s easy.

But life is not like a bus ride. It’s more like a sail boat.You get on.

You intend to go in a certain direction.but the wind takes you somewhere else.There’s rocky seas, followed by calm seas, followed by dark nights, storms, crashing waves, some more calm and some more storms.It’s up and down.

You have to adjust to the wind. You have to survive the storms… and you have to endure the challenges if you want to see the sun shine another day.

In life things will never go to plan all the time. Sometimes it’s challenging. Sometimes it’s dark and stormy. You must keep going, you must remain strong if you want to enjoy the blessings that are coming.

The sun is always shining – even on the cloudiest of days. There is always a silver lining.

Sometimes those big crashing waves and those dark storms are sent to guide your boat in a different direction.

A better direction. Sometimes GROWTH can only occur in deep pain. Sometimes there’s a deeper meaning for your life and if you’re brave enough to listen.You might just hear WHY.

Just because there’s storms and dark nights doesn’t mean life isn’t beautiful.That’s WHY life is beautiful.

It’s in those challenges and in that contrast that we discover life’s greatest gifts.Life would be pretty boring if we just picked our destination and arrived at the same place day in and day out… The blessings come from the contrast.

The blessings are in our growth. The blessings are the rainbows after the storms – you know, the beautiful things that come after the rain, but only if you have your eyes open.

Don’t miss out on that magic by being blinded by the darkness. Believe life is a miracle and it will be one for you. Keep sailing, have faith you will reach your very own paradise – life might just have one more blessing for you yet.


Media Mind Control

Media Mind Control (Beware) ..

How does the media attempt at mind control, and can it really work?

To understand how one can control the mind, one has to look at the function and structure of the brain.

The brain is made up of many pathways called ‘neurons’. These neuron pathways make up the white and grey matter of the brain; so from this information you can gather that the brain in its entirety is completely made up of these neurons.

Neuron pathways are the transmitters of chemicals and hormones which control our emotions and other vital performances to ensure survival and management of other bodily things.

There are different types of neuron pathways, and each different type performs a different function by conducting different chemicals or hormones to and fro different parts of the body and the brain.

If there is more or less of a certain hormone, the brain changes shape to accommodate. Brain shape changes can influence and morph behaviour, altering the way we think and feel about things. This is called ‘neuroplasticity’.

The more we are exposed to the stimuli which would change the way we feel about things, or cause us to feel emotion outside of our daily life, the more our brains produce and withhold certain hormones.

So how does the media control the way we feel?

Well, the entertainment industry is based on just that, enthralling and allowing for emotions outside of our daily life to affect us. They choose the emotion, the picture and the information that we watch (that on a natural day, in our natural environment would not apply to us), and we simply and only watch and FEEL.

That is how important our emotions are. When we watch and feel, our minds are slowly and steadily changing.

Here are two examples:

Have you ever watched a such a touching movie and had your view of your own situation change, just because of one storyline that was not even reality?

Have you ever felt emotions in a movie about a circumstance that never actually happened to you?

This affect is even greater in magnitude with music. The changes in our emotional status can waver from happy to sad in 3 minutes due to the power of music having such a huge impact on our minds and emotions.

With our emotions changing so rapidly, infact so much it is unnatural, we put ourselves in a constant confused state. Our minds are producing haphazard hormones, and eventually we feel out of touch with our own reality, we are never settled.

These changing hormones results in such a common anxiety, and in this panic we are completely vulnerable and exposed.

It is like a constant and steady type of PTSD, we are like sponges, and the media can feed us anything they like with the increased probability of us accepting it.

And that is mind control..

In a nutshell:

Emotions are not invisible, they are actually physical hormones which affect the shape of our minds.

Haphazard emotional exposure causes unnatural and unhealthy hormone production and brain structure changes, putting us in a constant feeling of being ‘out of touch’ with reality and hence causing anxiety.

In this state of numb panic, we are like sponges. We will be more susceptible to what the media tells us about the world… because we no longer feel that we know.

How do you beat it?

Look away from the screen ♥

Do not readily accept information from the media, use your ability and your own life experiences to validate information ♥

Be selective of what you expose yourself to ♥

Remember to live your own life ♥

-copied via Islam-for-girl (tumblr)

How to be likeable

How to be More Attractive and Likeable

1. Treat other people with kindness and respect.

2. Be generous and caring towards people that you meet.

3. Don’t be preoccupied with yourself.

4. Work on being a good listener.

5. Take care of yourself, and develop confidence.

6. Develop different interests, and be willing to learn.

7. Encourage other people – don’t be critical and mean.

8. Demonstrate gratitude, and be positive.


Heart and soul

When you love someone you love them for their heart and soul, you accept them for everything that they are, and you believe in their goodness.

You see them in a way no one else does because every part of you has become so embedded with them it’s as if you never truly knew yourself without them.

You welcome their vulnerability, their insecurities, and their sorrows into your heart and show them how they never have to worry about concealing them from you because those are the things you love the most.

You help them carry the weight of their struggles. You hold their hand through the darkness of their trials. You become their moon and stars to guide them out of every difficulty.

You pull the ocean to their desert. You pour sunshine over the gardens in their heart. And when they throw their storms to you, you forgive forgive forgive to remind them that’s not all they are.

When you love someone they become your prayers and the answers to them too.


You need to


All men want to marry to marry a woman that walks the path of Sayyidah Khadijah, but as a man you need to fulfil your rights in order to see that the marriage is successful.

  • You need to spend quality time at home.
  • You need to: be her best friend, love her, cherish her, honour her, magnify her, remember her, think about her, miss her, yearn for her, respect her, praise her, pray with her, joke with her, raise her and overlook mistakes.
  • You need to show her she is the most important person in the world; more than all the chilling with mates and the late night missions.
  • You must bow, prostrate and worship with her, and you must supplicate together.

All women want to marry a man that walks the path of Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ, but as a woman you must exert efforts in order for your marriage to blossom.

  • You need to: increase his confidence, lift his burdens, keep his secrets, trust him, console in him and show him you care.
  • You need to smile, joke and laugh. Be his source of peace, happiness and tranquillity. Emotionally strengthen him and spiritually assist him.
  • You need to show him that you love him and that nothing is more important to you in this world than him; more than wealth and the material of this universe.
  • You need to help him reach his potential in being a servant of Allah.

This is what the Messenger of Allah taught us about marriage. ﷺ

— Shaykh Mohammad Aslam