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Who is a Queen ?

The Righteous Woman In Paradise Is More Beautiful…

Imam Qurtubi [رحمه الله] said:

❝The state of the believing Muslim woman in Paradise is better than that of the Hoor al-A’yin [women of Paradise] she also has a higher status and is more beautiful.

The righteous woman is from the people of the Duniya, when she enters Paradise she enters it as a reward for good deeds and an honour for her from Allaah for her Deen and righteousness.

As for the Hoor [woman of Paradise] who is from the delight of Paradise was created in Paradise for other than her and is placed as a reward for the believer for good deeds.

There is a huge difference between the one who enters Paradise as a reward for her good deeds and who was created as a reward for the person who has good deeds.

The first is a righteous woman who is a queen, a lady who has a high status, the second is the Hoor al-A’yin even though she has a great status and beauty but as far as is understood by the people, she is lesser than a queen, and she follows the command of her master the believing man, Allaah created her as a reward for him.❞

●[Tafseer Qurtubi, (16/154) | Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Miraath al-Anbiyya]

He is the Only One

Remembering The Beloved

The lover never forgets the name of the beloved. If a lover puts on airs of trying to forget the name of his beloved, he will never manage to do it. He is also not able to stop mentioning him with his tongue. How can a lover forget his beloved while his name is inscribed on the heart!

Whenever the polytheists tortured Bilal in order to renounce monotheism, he kept saying “He is the Only One.” If they said to him on “say Al-Lât and Al-‘Uzzâ”, He would say, “I can not.”

As long as a worshipper’s knowledge of Allah is strong, he will keep on remembering Him. Some ascetics even used to say “Allah” when they were asleep.

The inhabitants of Paradise will say Tasbih just as they take a breath. For them, “There is no god worthy of worship but Allah” will be just like cool water for the people of this world. Ath-Thawry used to say, “I don not remember You too much because I forget You, but this is the habit of my tongue.”


📔Jaami` Al-`Uloom wa Al-Hikam

My dear Muslim parents

Music has wreaked a lot of havoc amidst Muslims. Even if you don’t have it in your house, cars, laptops and phones, you hear it wherever you go and subconsciously memorise some lyrics!

I was in a man’s Car with his 7 year old daughter. Suratul Baqarah was playing in the car stereo. I was amazed that the little girl was reading along with the reciter. After about 15 minutes of her continuous recitation, I was forced to ask her the name of the school she was taught this surah. To my surprise, she said she wasn’t taught anywhere that her parents do play suratul Baqarah both at home and in the car so she has memorised the entire surah!

My dear Muslim parents, the question is;


In fact, I’ll advise we stop those Nasheed and make it only QUR’AAN. It will illuminate our house with the Nuur of Allaah and enhance our children’s Memorization.

– Abu Muhammad Jamiu Sodiq

May Allah Subhanahu wa talaa make our children a means of attaining HIS pleasure. Aamin.

– Garba Umar
Via Isiaq

Do Good

Do good deeds not because you are righteous, but because you want righteousness to enter your heart.
Give in charity not because you are rich, but because you are truly poor (in the Sight of Allah).

Love others and seek the good in them not because they treat you well, but because it’s your nature to love and not hate.

Live & do things because you want to be a greater person not because you currently are.